Who will be shot between, skeem saam's leeto, mokgadi and Mangaliso ?

The SABC 1’s Drama: Skeem Saam, keeps on adding more interesting acts and stunts that are totally unexpected. However, rumours had already flooded South Africa that Leeto’s going to be shot, others went on to say Mokgadi will be shot.

People went to an extend of asking “who will die at Leeto’s wedding” speculation, speculation, how do we conclude this madness ? Well, for the past few weeks we’ve seen Darika trying to get to Leeto – the chaos that followed was the right car being followed but driven by his bestfriend, Mangaliso, which left Mangaliso’s girlfriend paralysed.

What’s New ?

Darika threatened there was a bomb at the weeding venue, which turned out to be a bluff.

As the weeding vows commenced, Leeto felt something…. As there was a hitman pointing a rifle right at him.

SPOILER: There will be a Gun Shot! Or will there be ? Mokgadi will be weeping beside her husband as he’ll be lying down, sounds like it’s going to be bloody, however Mangaliso – saves Leeto’s life

Don’t miss the next episode of skeem saam Monday, 15 2016.


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