The Uzalo creator, Duma Ndlovu is not happy that he's not credited

It has been reported that the Creator of Uzalo, Duma Ndlovu is furious that he’s not credited on Uzalo, when the SABC 1 Drama series begins.

Pepsi Pokane is also removed and only Dudu Zuma was credited.

According to reports, The Creator of Muvhango, Duma Ndlovu, was approached to comment on the issue, and referred questioned asked to his publicist: Amanda Nguhle.

Amanda confirmed that Duma will be talking legal actions.

“As we speak I would be preparing to go the legal route. Remember, he is the creator and executive
producer after coming up with the original story idea
of two boys who were switched at birth.”

Pokane is also not impressed that Duma’s not credited.

“He came with the original story idea,
he is the creator.”


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