The Soil in Search for a female vocalist

According to TRUELOVE MAQ, The Soil, SA’s most loved a capella band, has announced the impending absence of their only female vocalist Buhle Mda. “I have decided to heed to my ancestral calling and how long I will be gone for will be determined by my progress with my mentor” stated Buhle Mda. This is all that the bubbly songstress wishes to share until she is done with her initiation.

Following this announcement, the group is in search of a female vocalist who will join The Soil as of March 2016. The search is open to all female vocalists who believe they have what it takes to be a part of the cheeky yet confidently urbane band.

Interested vocalists are encouraged to visit The Soil’s Facebook page as this is the platform they will use to submit their audition videos. 10 videos will be selected and those vocalists will be invited to audition live for the band and the Native Rhythms stakeholders.

The new vocalist will share the stage with Buhle and the rest of the band in February 2016, before taking over in March 2016.

All details regarding the auditionS

Hi FAMILY Female vocalists are invited to come and #ExperienceTheSoilAll videos submitted need to be a duration of 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Videos shorter or longer than the stipulated time will be disqualifiedAll participants need to sing a song from The Soil, particularly Buhle’s verse. Should these rules be neglected, the judges have the right to disqualify you. Should participants sing a song by The Soil but not Buhle’s verse, the judges, at their discretion can consider the entry. All videos must be loaded up on The Soil Facebook page, no other forms of entry will be considered. Please use the hashtag #ExperienceTheSoil when you upload your videoAll participants need to be South African with a valid South African ID & passportClosing date for all video uploads will be 5th February 2016 and live auditions will take place between 8th-11th February 2016 in JohannesburgAll chosen candidates for the live auditions should be able to travel to Johannesburg to audition for the band Chosen participants will be contacted through their Facebook profiles to get further contact details by 6th February 2016. Participants need to be over 18 and under 35 years The chosen participant must be able available to travel locally and internationally from March 2016

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