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The science and technology show begins when Mr E, a frequency of energy from the future contacts Thami and Nolwazi and tells them that they need to find a theory to save the earth and future from destruction.

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04:00 PM – 04:30 PM

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Maijang Mpherwane, Commissioning Editor at SABC Education says “Thami and Nolwazi speak to their contemporaries and scientists to find out about the world, where we come from, how things work and where we are going to. They find out why science and technology is so important, what evolution is, what energy is and how important it is to be responsible for our planet.”

The children soon realise that everything is connected; energy is a vibration in everything, even music. Through their journeys they learn about life and themselves and how important communication is.  Life orientation lessons meet science when Thami doesn’t know how to communicate with a girl in school that he likes.  All sorts of weird happenings take place when the blueprints of the teleportation device are stolen!

Tomz, part factual, part fictional with some drama, comedy and science fiction will be broadcast in a fair spread of Xhosa, Sotho, Sepedi, English and Zulu with full subtitles in English” ends Maijang.

for more information and to stay updated with the show click : Tomz

26 episodes of Tomz, produced for SABC Education by I Love That Productions is made possible by the Department of Science and Technology.


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