The South African film: Happiness is a Four Letter-Word – Screened at Berlin International Film Festive

The Capital of Germany is screening The South African Film, Happiness is a Four Letter-Word at the Berlin International Film Festival this weekend.

The romantic movie feature local stars such as Khanyi Mbau – which is her first big role in the industry. The Film was premiered on thursday locally.

The film was shot in Johannesburg.

It’s based on the novel by Cythia Jele, Happiness is a four letter-word. It’s focuses and reflects on the lives of three women.

One of the leading ladies, The gorgeous, most amazing, and a former director of Etv Scandal, Mmabatho Montsho spoke to eyewitness news and said: “It’s nice and tentative. It’s something that every woman can watch and reflect about a certain stage in their life that they have been at or the questions they have asked themselves about what makes them happy.”

While the director Thabang Moleya said: “What’s important besides the backing that the film needs is that we need to adapt more of a culture as South Africans to watch movies.”

The Film also features, singer, Lira, who produced the sound track for the Romantic film, and she is believed to make an amazing appearance on the movie.

I hope South Africa is ready for the 19th of February 2016 when Happiness is a Four Letter-Word hit the cinema.

Though I feel the film would’ve been more appropriate to be released on Valentine’s day for a feast of our local romance as couples head to cinemas, but oh well.

Some Hlomla Dandala and Some David Kau, to be expected, and a whole lot more.

Happiness is a four letter-word…

About the Rating.

People have well received the movie and are very pleased with the movie. Sowetan reviewed and rated it 7/10 which is good.

I can only rate it from what I see from the trailer, which perhaps it’s not enough, but I’d already give it a 9/10.

Well, on the 19th I’ll be headed to the cinema and cannot wait to give a final report/review about the movie.

Yes, I am that excited. #HIAFLW


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