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Rands with Sense is a programme that will look at different financial challenges that ordinary South Africans are confronted with which resulted to some losing their homes, getting divorced, their children being thrown out of school etc.

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Rands with Sense will feature case studies that represent South Africans without looking at race and gender, age or place of residence. Different candidates will share their stories on camera sharing with South Africans the reason they ended up in debt. The programme will feature Debt Counsellors and a Life Coach who will ask candidates to perform certain tasks as a road to discovery.

People are used of stories about rags to riches but episode 1 will be about from riches to rags where we see this candidate who was once respected in her community, participating in many initiatives and even awarded a Shoprite woman of the year in 2007. She will share with viewers how a simple loan to a friend resulted in her losing everything; she started borrowing nonstop until she found herself in debt she could not repay.

The programme will assist lenders or consumers to understand the impact of borrowing without paying your creditors and the impact thereof. The days of reckless lenders appear to be numbered because the government can no longer ignore the debt problem and intended safeguards, such as the National Credit Act and the Magistrates Act, have proved ineffective in saving consumers from lenders and themselves.

The programme will also introduce a segment called the Rand Round Up which will look at different financial terms that consumers do not know about and find themselves entering into contracts that are not favourable to them.

The Rand Round Up will also educate consumers about their rights. The Rand Round Up will also look at the Regulatory Environment. The RRU will also highlight information about the Reserve Bank working on a project to reform the collections process.

As part of this process, the national treasury has agreed to review the regulatory environment relating to payroll deductions to ensure that only a limited category of deductions are allowed from the payroll.

Rands with Sense started on SABC 2 on February 20, 2014 and will grace screens for 26 weeks filled with all there is to know about debt, credit, borrowing, lending and other financial terms.

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