Nicki Minaj's meet and greet was a 'lie'

When an International superstar comes down to South Africa, die-hard fans rush for ‘meet and greet’ tickets. The ‘Barbz’ moment for the poor fans ended in a broken heart when Nicki said she won’t be doing any meet and greet. Nicki was faced with 20 die-hard fans that were supposedly lied to about the R3000($196) tickets for the meet and greet backstage.

Nicks‘ spoke to the group, who was visibly upset according to the source, 10:30pm at the TicketPro Dome, north of Johannesburg, she said “I’m very sorry for keeping you all waiting‚ but I want you to know that I never approved any meet and greet. I don’t do meet and greets after a show‚ I was literally about to leave. These people lied to you‚ please get your money back‚”

She promised, they will get their money back, the emphasis is on “I’ll make sure“, however, she then agreed to take group pictures with the fans.

Nicki is expected to perform again at the TicketPro Dome, on Friday, then head to Durban for a Sunday show and Cape Town on Tuesday.

Having waited that long, they seemed to have been happy to have a moment with Anaconda star. Technically they have met and greeted the singer in a way that very twisted most unfortunate – and well, they’ll still get their R3000 back.


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