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Mi Kasi Su Kasi is an energized, youth focused magazine show that will be broadcast to the nation’s largest youth television audience, on SABC1 Mzansi Fo Sho.

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06:00 PM – 06:30 PM

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The township, or the “Kasi” as it has come to be affectionately known by its inhabitants, remains the most important backdrop of South Africa’s history. It has been home to SA most influential citizens to date and continues to be the cradle where Mzansi greatest minds, movers and shakers are born and bred. Be it in politics, the corporate world or in arts & culture, no mother can claim more pride in her children than the township. From the famous streets of Soweto and Umlazi to more incognito places like Seshego and Galeshiwe, they all have a story to tell.

The show aims to help positively change any negative ideas that remain in the minds of South Africans about our townships by exploring “what makes each Kasi special”. The show seeks to instill a sense of “Kasi Pride” in the residents of every Mzansi Township and encourage them to celebrate and grow their communities through popular culture, history, social initiatives and innovative business. Kasi Pride: a new feeling that can become as synonymous to South Africans as the concept of Ubuntu.

Each episode features a celebrity guest from the wide South African entertainment scene. Our presenter is hosted by the celebrity guest, who takes him around the neighbourhood in which they were raised, while sharing some memorable moments and candid stories from their childhood. The guest also talks about how growing up in their particular “Kasi” shaped and influenced who they are today.

Presenters: Kabelo “KB” Moremi & Nicholas Pule Welch


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