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In the past season La Familiar explored Vhavenda and Tsonga people who, were based in Limpopo and explored the importance of family and lifestyle in Limpopo.

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For this season, the series looks at the same notion of family and lifestyle, however looking into individuals that have moved out of Limpopo, and now residing in different provinces.   La Familiar will explore the City of Durban, Cape Town just to name a few, and see how our Vhavenda and Tsonga brothers/sisters are surviving and interacting with other cultures different from their own.

Some of the individuals that are profiled on the show have taught other cultures about the Vhavenda or Tsonga culture by teaching them their food, language and music and in return they were taught the same.

The show also looks at how these individuals share what they have learnt while away from home with their community whenever they visit home. This could be through their careers, food, music and languages they were taught, because no matter where they can be home will always be home and show how La Familiar characters integrate different cultures together to show society that even though we are from different cultures, we are still the same and no tribe/culture is more supreme than the other.


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