Just In: Rapulana Seiphemo will not be returning to Muvhango – Pheko recast.

This has nothing to do with the accident, News in, that the beloved character, Pheko will return, but with a never-seen before face. All new, and hopefully will crack the role.

Yes, Rapulana Seiphemo did play the role of Pheko – But The Juice spoke to muvhango publicist Lebo Malete, and confirmed that, Pheko will return, however the role will now be played by Palo Mokoailane.

So basically nothing was ever confirmed that indeed Rapulana was going to return. The rumors were not true, however – Lebo said they would’ve loved to have him back, but Rapulana Seiphemo is one of the leading characters on Generations: The Legacy.

Rapulana has never been approached prior the accident.

“We would have loved for him to return to his role, but he is a lead character on Generations: The Legacy and it is not possible for him to return. We didn’t have any discussions with him about returning, even before his accident.”

So there has been private auditions, and Palo Mokoailane took the role, so be on the look out as Lebo has confirmed that the new Pheko will appear in a few weeks.


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