Jennifer Garner opens up to E! at the premier of Miracles From Heaven

The talented and a mother of three, Jennifer Garner plays in a very emotional movie, called Miracles From Heaven. E! had an opportunity to interview the amazing actress who shares her kids with  Ben Affleck, she faces, in the movie – a day to day heart breaking moment with her daughter who suffers from a deadly disease – However, she’s able to separate herself from the big screens to real life.

Marc Malkin, Los Angeles Reporter for E! asks Jennifer: “We talked the other day about your faith, got ’em so much stronger because of this really, introducing your kids more to church, I think they”ll be here tonight though ? ”

“No!” Jennifer said, “Why not ?” asks Marc.

“My kids don’t belong at an event like this, they have school tomorrow and they’re doing homework and practicing piano and going to bed. But also if they were to watch this movie, I’d want to be right there with them to be a part of their reaction. It has to be weird to see your mom so emotional and so connected to another kid so that was just a mom decision. But they will see it someday. I look forward to that conversation.”

Garner Continues

“The great thing about kids is the minute you show up in your own house, your kids don’t care what you’ve been doing all day, they just go, ‘Hey, mom—she did this,’ ‘I want that’ or ‘Can we do this?’ or ‘Let’s read this book’ so they force you to be in the present.”

I look forward seeing the movie