Idris Elba’s becoming a regular in South Africa

The Long Walk to Freedom Superstar, Idris Elba returns to South Africa to star in a yet another exciting movie to be on the look out for. The movie is based on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower novel. Idris, will also star with Matthew McConaughey on the film. This is such exciting news.

However, the film which will be shot very soon – King and director Nickolaj Arcel confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that it will be shot in seven weeks’ time-, and is set to be released next year, so it looks like it’s going to be a long wait. On the Moonlighting’s website – the film is listed to be in production yet it’s unclear where in south Africa will it be shoot, it shouldn’t hard to pick a place, we only have 9 provinces.

Moonlighting has worked with huge productions names, namely: The Last face, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, Homeland, etc.

Stephen King post on twitter:

“It’s official: The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed. #DarkTowerMovie @McConaughey @IdrisElba” (sic)

Many might not know this but this particular quote is the opening line, from the Gunslinger which was the first book in Dark Tower to be published in 1982.

The Dark tower is going to be an impossible journey to reach for the protagonist Roland Deschain played by Elba and of cause McConaughey will be playing Main in Black making Roland’s live miserable.

The Hollywood stars head to SA.






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