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Where murder, cheating and deceit are only the beginning. The stakes have never been higher

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Season two of High Rollers kicks off with the three brothers Paul (Justin Strydom), David (Antony Coleman) and TT (Fezile Mpela) estranged when Paul, finally in control of Kings Casino, fires David and TT, and sets his sights on selling the casino to the highest bidder, which in his mind will set the King family on the right path again. But now that Paul has wrestled control from his brothers, can he truly part with it? With new alliances being formed, who will team up with whom?

David is hell bent on getting back what he believes is rightfully his, but he and Analine’s (Rolanda Marais) world is thrown into crises when Marcus is kidnapped. As the kidnapping saga unfolds we see David and Analine, who were all but divorced at the end of last season, slowly but surely being drawn closer together again. Will Analine and David reconcile and if so where does that leave Paul?

TT also faces some turmoil in his private life. He needs to man up against his dominating wife Gugu (Xolile Tshabalala) and show her who the man of the house is. Especially when she pushes him to go to war with the King brothers now that Helena (Brumilda Van Rensburg) has given TT the land the casino is built on and essentially made TT King’s Casino’s landlord.  Gugu takes things into her own hands by hiring a “fake” Sangoma to predict that TT will one day be the King of Kings. TT is not superstitious but then the predictions start coming true he can’t ignore the secret desire he’s harbored to be in control of his brothers any more. But playing with fate sets Gugu on a path of self-destruction that can only end badly.

After Esme (Carine Rous) was forced to break off her relationship with Ben (Vilje Maritz) by David or see Ben go to jail for her crime, the newlyweds face a split neither of them really wants. But when Ben sinks into the bottle as well as Tallulah’s (Hayley Owen) shoulder to cry on, is there really any hope for Ben and Esme or will it be a story of like father like son?

Dhanny (Mayuri Naidu) and Ravi’s (Jai Prakash) new relationship starts out smoothly, but soon hits the rocks as Ravi has no clue how to treat a lady, and Dhanny certainly wants to be treated right. Watching Ravi learn how to be a boyfriend is cringe-worthy but adorable, but can he keep Dhanny’s interests or will he fall victim to another.

The Stakes Have Never Been Higher! Especially when the unwritten code of brotherhood starts to fall apart. Tune in to High Rollers on SABC3, from Monday, 29 June 2015 at 19:30, to see which way the dice falls.

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