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Gauteng Maboneng is a laugh-out-loud sitcom about the lovable car mechanic and wannabe rapper from Maff-town, Lebo, who brings his aging Gogo and scheming best friend Solomon with him when he moves to Gauteng and finds out his uncle has died and left

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The only catch is that Lebo has to look after his know-it-all niece, Sisi , while dodging his uncle’s gold digging ex-wife Pearl  trying to charm Sisi’s after school tutor, Thami  and keeping the nerdy next door neighbor, Medupe away from his niece.

Lebo, a fun loving car mechanic from Maff-town, discovers he has inherited a mansion, a fortune and Sisi, a know-it-all 16-year-old niece, to look after. Lebo needs to learn how to grow up and Sisi has to learn how to get down. Lebo also brings his senile Gogo and his oldest and broke-est friend Solomon with him but has to get past Pearl, the gold digging lady of the mansion if he wants to make it in Jozi Maboneng!


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