Gareth Cliff wins a case against MNET and returns to his old Job or 'hobby' as a Judge

MNET fired Gareth after having had commented or rather tweeted about Penny Sparrow’s saga after she had called black people monkeys.

For the hardcore Gareth’s fans, this is good news. And it’s my pleasure to inform you that the High Court in Johannesburg decided on 29 January that Cliff must be reinstated as a judge on Idols with immediate effect – no questions asked!

“This is a contractual dispute. The contractual relationship has to be reinstated to what it was. M-Net will pay costs to Gareth Cliff,” said Judge Caroline Nicholls, as reported by Channel24.

Gareth’s lawyer Dali Mpofu and M-Net’s legal representative Wim Trengove originally presented their arguments in the high court on 26 January and Today was the D-day for Gareth’s fate.

Remember Gareth Cliff wanted his job back and sued MNET R25 million for defamation and breach of contract.

Idols’ Auditions 2016 will begin at The Playhouse in Durban on 30 January.


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