Entertainment News: Basetsana Khumalo Hospitalized over a broken ankle

Basetsana Khumalo, a Media baron, was hospitalized on a Friday morning (18 March 2016). The incident left her with a broken ankle and she is currently going through surgery.

Basetsana was suppose to be one of the Judges for the Miss SA contest, which will be talking place on a Saturday (Read more about it here), Unfortunately she had to be let go because of the incident which happened at her son’s school after watching his performance at a concert.

Miss SA website released, or rather published a statement on a Friday morning.

“Miss South Africa regrets to announce that Basetsana Kumalo had an unfortunate accident yesterday at her son’s school after watching him play at a concert. She slipped in the rain and broke her ankle and is currently in hospital undergoing surgery. The organizers have made the decision not to replace her on the judging panel at this late stage and her scores to date still stand.”

It has been mentioned, on the statement that the remaining Miss South Africa judges are entrepreneur, poet, writer and former magazine editor Kojo Baffoe; actress and TV personality Sophie Ndaba; designer Casper Bosman and magazine editor and style icon Pnina Fenster.

Claudia Henkel, who is the Sun International PR Manager, said on a statement:

“We wish Basetsana a speedy recovery and thank her for her invaluable input as both a former Miss South Africa herself and a respected businesswomen. She has already made an enormous contribution to this year’s pageant and we feel that she is irreplaceable at this late stage. We will miss her on the evening.”


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