Entertainment News: Andile Ncube opens up on CliffCentral

Andile Ncule spoke about his personal life on CliffCental, he spoke about Ayanda Thabethe, and rumors that their marriage was horrible. However, he dismissed the rumors.

Ncube recently got divorced to Ayanda Thabethe, he also has a child with  Rosette Mogomotsi. 

“My marriage wasn’t horrible. So it’s something I can’t wait to do again, with the right person in a couple of years’ time. The way I had a child was bad, that’s probably why that part of my life is something I think about a lot before I have another one,”

He hinted that they had an amicable separation, and rather explained that their married was too public and so rumors that flooded the internet were made up however their marriage wasn’t perfect, no marriage is perfect he says.

“It was a shock to most people. We had been married for two years. It was what a lot of people thought was ‘amazing, dream marriage this is what we want’ this is, you know…who can I think of, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie,”

He also admits that he never cheated on her previous wife, Ayanda.

He dismissed rumors that Katlego Danke dumped him – it was all just made up by the tabloids.

Andile also explains that he’s happily single: “I’ve been single for the longest time in my whole life. I’ve been single for exactly a year and a month. To replace the most beautiful woman the world has ever seen is a little tough,”

The X factor Presenter, has cleared the air.

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