DJ Zinhle rubbishes a new lover rumours

There have been reports that DJ Zinhle has found a new lover – and the DJ took to twitter to clear, or rather wipe all rumors off the counter.

Over the weekend, Reports flooded on social media about Zinhle’s new man, who’s  a tycoon and apparently married. Social Network went in a towering rage, incensed, wrathful – berserk if you may, but however part of it – there were a bit shocked, and rather worried about Zinhle after having gone an unexpected break up with AKA.

Zinhle writes on twitter that “I’m focusing on raising my daughter & growing my businesses. Right now there is is no room in my life for any man.”

Which would make sense, She has no time for a married man “My message today is that it’s NEVER acceptable/okay to enter into a relationship with a married man.”



Who is the instigator ? You never know. All we know is that it was all over Media.

Anyhow, there’s just one exception…

Now, we can all move on…


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