DJ Warras and Pearl Thusi to leave LIVE AMP

Live Amp has been around for a while now, yes we remember when Bonang was the Queen B of the show. Recently Pearl Thusi (She recently appeared on the cover of TRUE LOVE MAGAZINE) and DJ Warras have been hosting the show.

Trouble or rather bad luck seem to be following Pearl Thusi, from Getting suspended by METRO FM – to Bonang Showing shade at her – to the cheating lover – and and and…

and now this ? Isn’t she just a little trouble maker – she just couldn’t stop bashing her co-worker Bonang Matheba. I mean I love Pearl but girl…

This week’s reports are that Pearl Thusi and DJ Warras have received the boot from SABC and will no longer be on Live AMP. Sunday Sun reports that the two will be making their last appearance on Friday, the 5th of February.

The following was reported by OKMZASI [The Extract Below]

Along with the change in presenters, the show will move from the 21:00 pm time slot to 19;30 pm and will only play for 30 minutes. It’s also reported that Luthando ‘LootLove’ Shosha will not be affected by the changes that are being made. A source told the paper: “We were all shocked when we saw the call sheet for 12 February.”

With another sharing that the show isn’t performing as well as it used to. SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago told Sunday Sun: “We’re busy with rescheduling. We’ll make an announcement soon.” When Pearl was approached for comment she said: “I know my comment is never good enough unless it’s something bad. Yes, it’s true. But the show’s producer, Sjula Dlamini, will give you comment.” Well folks, TV is making a lot of changes lately. Sorry Pearl.



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