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Originally designed as a youth magazine programme for the deaf and hard of hearing, DTV has become the pioneer in deaf television programmes, serving as an example in Europe and Britain for programmes such as Vee-TV, the British equivalent of DTV. The successes and achievements of the The New Production Corporation are firmly entrenched in our policies and beliefs. The New Production Corporation is the producer of the popular DTV Magazine programme that has been commissioned on a yearly basis by SABC 3, since 1996.

The content of DTV has been researched and determined by The New Production Corporation through multi-lateral discussions, questionnaires, workshops and discussion groups with viewers and the leaders in the Deaf community. Various associations for the Deaf are consulted but also the man-in-the-street, the unemployed, and the illiterate.

A main objective of The New Production Corporation is to strengthen Deaf culture and to foster Deaf pride as the most important aim of television for the Deaf as identified by Dr. I. King Jordan Jr. of Gallaudet University. We believe that television, which essentially enables visual communication (the vehicle of Sign Language), has this responsibility.


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