Casper Nyovest Filled up the Dome

Cassper Dream finally came true. When it may have seemed impossible, Cassper has finally restored may souls into believing anything is possible. He is an inspiration, a role model to many young stars, he has closed a book of the past and deceits and open a book of hope filled with possibilities.


Ever since I was a kid I dreamt about a day like this. Lights!!! Music!!! 20 000 people screaming my name!!! Was it a selfish dream??? Was it about power ??? Was it about fame??? Was it even realistic ??? I mean I’m good at what I do but I’m no Kanye west or Chris Brown right??? Wrong!!! In life you choose how big your dreams are and if you want to follow them or live in societal stereotypes, the cycle of self-hate and lack of patriotism. I am a strong believer in God; anything and everything can be done through him!!!

I have been growing my faith from strength to strength by exercising it for a night like this. For a very long time we have put our South African stars 2nd in line. Whether it is radio AirPlay or sales. It’s high time all that stops because we are the future and we have all it takes to take over the world and it starts here. I am taking a leap of faith and saying a South African star can do anything that any “international artist” can do, given the same platform. On the 31st of October I am doing my first 1 man concert at the famous venue “The Dome” in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. The venue takes 20 000 people and I am attempting to pack it up to capacity.

I chose this time because I think it’s the perfect time to do it. With South African Hip Hop on the rise, we need something like this to make the statement “WE ARE THE FUTURE” and that “NOBODY CAN STOP US”. This night will go down in history as the first South African One Man Concert at the Dome and it will be documented and turned into a DVD that will be used to inspire South African and African kids to believe in themselves and believe that they can do anything they can imagine if they apply themselves, work hard and pray harder.

The Juice points out 5 Moments that made the night even interesting at the dome.

Minister Fikile Mbalula playing MC

Dressed in a glitzy white suit, everyone’s favourite minister made a surprise appearance to do a little MC work at the Dome. When he appeared on stage, it was to an entrance normally reserved for superstars and a world famous musicians. In other words, the crowd lost its mind.

Cassper introduces us to our new favourite dance

Cooking in the kitchen dance! Remember the name. Not only did Cassper give eager fans their first listen to his collaboration with The Game, he also taught us a handy dance to go with the song. If you want us we’ll be in our room, in front of the mirror, practicing our new favourite dance move.

Black Coffee x Cassper Nyovest

When Black Coffee appeared on the Dome’s stage the crowd could hardly contain themselves. And when Black Coffee not only collaborated with Cassper on his new smash hit , We Dance Again, but joined him in a small dance-off, it’s safe to say there might have been a few people passing out from excitement and disbelief. Two of the biggest artists in Mzansi at the moment together on one stage may very well be the closest thing we have to a rockstar moment.

Cassper- In a rising box

But then again, it doesn’t really get any more rockstar than the golden boy finishing his three hour set by appearing in a rising box, surrounded by overhead lights. It had shades of Kanye West’s iconic headline set at Glastonbury earlier this year, but dare we say it was a little more awesome?!

Doc Shebeleza still rules

There’s something special about hearing the crowd chant Doc Shebeleza every time there was more than five seconds of silence. It was hard to believe that a crowd already so energised could electrify the air and make the dome reverberate with the lyrics several times until finally, while up in a box, Cassper obliged and launched probably the most amazing performance ofDoc Shebeleza yet. It was well worth the wait, Cassper, thanks.

“You made this happen'” Cassper gushed at the start of his set. We, the fans, did and you better believes we’ll do it again when he #FillsUpTheStadium in Orlando next year.


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