Beyonce sings "I will always love you" by the iconic Whitney Huston

Beyonce surprise the kids at the Elementary School – She takes to the center stage looking amazing in shiny mini dress. The ‘Single Ladies’ Singer dazzled the students at the Early Education’s 75th Anniversary Gala.

In golden zabra-print dress – B, surprised them, singing the version of the Whitney Huston song – “I will always love you”

But, of cause this isn’t her first time singing the song, as she has done so, numerous times in her past concerts.

How can we ever forget a beautiful tribute she did for the late Paul Walker in 2013.

When B, starts to sing, everyone want to scream, listen and sing along, sounds like like an Elementary school don’t it? Which E! Online reported it to be described as “socio-economically and culturally diverse independent school for children” – The School contains kids from pre-school all the way to Grade 6 (Standard 4)

The Mother of a 4 year old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, with Shawn Corey Carter known as his stage name, Jay Z may have enrolled their daughter there, but it’s not yet confirmed.

Then this happened!!!! Beyoncé singing some Whitney!!!! #WTF #awesome #hollywoodstyle 3/5/16 #wow

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