Who won the German Formula One Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton and who came second ? – Daniel Ricciardo

Lewis Hamilton wins the race fair and squire and impresses the 31 year old Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff, he said  “That guy is very talented and [has] speed and, on his day, I think he is unbeatable.”

Hamilton was flattered and he said

“I never feel invincible or unbeatable but I feel when I’m at my strongest, number one is where I can be. At the time, in Spain, I felt things couldn’t go any further. There was a lyric – it might have been one of my songs – where you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom but you’ve actually gone through the ground and gone further. I’m only human. There were lots of things going through my mind at the time. I was just trying to bat them off. I’ve got great people round me who depend on me to be upbeat.”



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