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Monday 2 November 2015
Episode 2196

Fritz calls an intervention to help Marius, but Stef and Lida have their doubts whether this will work. Vincent has another secret meeting with Saskia, while Liam plays Marius like a fiddle. Eben is bored and frustrated, until a previous guest shows up at the Villa in a different guise…

Tuesday 3 November 2015
Episode 2197

Fritz tries to convince Marius to get help but it angers Marius even more and Liam is only too happy to comfort him. Vincent and Saskia reach an agreement but Monique is completely unaware of his plans.

Wouter is not happy to see Beulah and she has some explaining to do. A very important conversation takes place between Eben and Cardo. An unexpected visitor takes Celine and Cardo by surprise.

Wednesday 4 November 2015
Episode 2198

Vicky and Carina are wracked with concern about Marius, while Liam subtly pushes him closer to his ruin. Stef puts Saskia on the spot when he confronts her about Vincent’s departure. Beulah decides to do a fashion make-over on Eben.

Thursday 5 November 2015
Episode 2199

Eben feels uncomfortable in a shirt Beulah bought him. Stef encourages Saskia to support Monique. Liam manipulates Marius into finally turning against all his friends.

Wouter is not impressed with Eben’s passive attitude towards their beer business. Chubby begs Cardo to forgive him. Vicky catches Marius red-handed, using drugs. Liam finally gets Marius where he wants him.

Monday 9 November 2015
Episode 2200

Marius and Liam’s unholy alliance is still going strong and it seems as if Liam is planning to take his devious scheme to new heights as Marius sinks to a new all time low.

Vicky and Carina make plans for the future and Vicky pleasantly surprises Eben with her plans for the future. Cardo makes an unsettling discovery while Monique avoids seeing the truth about Vincent.

Saskia has a run in with Prof and comes off second best. And Beulah does what Beulah does.

Tuesday 10 November 2015
Episode 2201

Marius realizes that D-day is approaching. In an attempt to bid Carina farewell, she tells him something that might prevent him from following through. Beulah reveals the actual reason behind her visit. She is on the run, but from what? A heartbroken Monique sets her sights on Stef, with Saskia reaching boiling point.

Wednesday 11 November 2015
Episode 2202

Marius realises that Liam has led him to the edge of the abyss and that it’s impossible to save himself. But will he be able to prevent his loved ones from being compromised?

Monique gets unexpected news and Beulah decides it’s time to say goodbye again. Meanwhile Wouter keeps on selling beer illegally on campus…

Thursday 12 November 2015
Episode 2203

Cardo visits Wouter in jail and rubs salt in his wounds. Wouter is very relieved to see Stef, but an angry Stef is hesitant to help him. Saskia plans a romantic getaway and is not impressed with Stef’s reaction.

Alex makes sure that Celine knows how successful he is and Celine is not immune to his charms.  A very nervous Marius hands over the money for the drug deal.

Monday 16 November 2015
Episode 2204

Liam plays a nasty cat and mouse game with Marius, while pushing him closer to a final meltdown. Vicky presents Carina with an unexpected proposal. Monique departs in the shadow of a horrible and shattering revelation.

Tuesday 17 November 2015
Episode 2205

Marius asks permission to move back into the Villa, but Fritz is not so keen. Saskia invites Stef and Vicky for dinner at her loft. Alex and Cardo has a business-chat.

Liam is scheming again – his plans work out neatly. Alex’s efforts are winning Celine over. Marius thinks he has Liam under control, but Liam stays one step ahead of him.

Wednesday 18 November 2015
Episode 2206

Bakgat’s future is still undecided and Marius is annoyed by the opinions on offer. Liam “helps” by creating more chaos and confusion.

Saskia tries to apologise for her behaviour but gets stonewalled. Fritz finds out that Celine accompanied Alex to a function. Cardo strikes it lucky and Fritz sweetly attempts to re-establish peace between him and Lida.

Thursday 19 November 2015
Episode 2207

Marius struggles to kick his habit on his own. When he asks Liam for help, Liam exploits the situation for his own benefit. Liam expertly plays Marius’s needs off against Vicky and Carina’s goals. He wants to break any link between the two.

Cardo learns that Alex’s investment might not be purely business related and that Celine may have influenced his decision. Fritz tries to apologize to Lida, who makes it difficult.  Vicky’s not impressed with Eben’s modelling skills.

Monday 23 November 2015
Episode 2208

Stef is frustrated with Saskia and her demands, but is hesitant to discuss it with Vicky. Marius forces Carina and Vicky to make a decision regarding the sale of Bakgat. Celine feels bad when she realises that she accused Alex falsely.

Eben confides in Wouter about his fear of the camera and Wouter takes charge of the situation. A miserable Fritz shares his heartache with a concerned Lida.

Tuesday 24 November 2015
Episode 2209

Alex offers Celine a key to a new life, but it might have repercussions. Liam’s control over Marius leads, unknowingly, to a shocking incident for Carina and Vicky. Stef cuts Saskia down to size.

Wednesday 25 November 2015
Episode 2210

Lida grieves over the loss of her deceased husband, and  Fritz consoles her. Vicky and Carina realise their support of Marius might not be as positive as they thought.

Vicky’s photographer arrives at the Villa and immediately starts running the show  Celine doesn’t accept Alex’s offer. Stef and Vicky arrange a plan to take revenge on Saskia. Marius bans Vicky from his life.

Thursday 26 November 2015
Episode 2211

Lida’s desire for change takes Fritz by surprise and leaves her mildly disappointed. Vicky makes a decision about her and Bakgat’s future based on the argument she and Marius had the previous night.

Liam makes his next move. Eben is relieved that Braam doesn’t hold a grudge and Celine and Alex’s date has an unexpected outcome.

Monday 30 November 2015
Episode 2212

Marius and Liam return from a successful weekend away and he starts the healing process. Stef is worried about the pressure Fritz is under and the young guys receive an unpleasant surprise.

Stef’s plan to make Saskia jealous of Vicky comes to a halt when she gains new information and uses it as ammunition. Vicky makes a huge decision in regards to Marius.

Villa Rosa is on kykNET Mondays to Thursdays at 18h30. An earlier season airs on kykNET & Kie, also at 18h30.


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