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Villa Rosa Teasers February 2016

Monday 1 February 2016
Episode 2248

Stef and Vicky are anxious – the results of the blood tests will be revealed today. Celine is unhappy when she hears about Cardo and Wouter’s busy social life. Fritz prevents Neels from taking Lida out to lunch. More tension builds between Wouter and Carina. Eben tries to have a closer friendship with Wouter, but he realizes it won’t be easy.

Tuesday 2 February 2016
Episode 2249

Eben is self-conscious in Wouter’s company, which leads to Wouter’s increasing irritation. Neels is turning out to be a valuable asset for the Villa, according to Fritz. Little does Fritz know that his admiration will turn into resentment in the near future.  Saskia reckons she has Stef right where she wants him – until Liam points out the absolute blunder that she has made

Wednesday 3 February 2016
Episode 2250

Liam is angry with Saskia’s reluctance to continue with their plans. There is serious tension between Carina, Wouter and Eben and Celine feels it is her duty to restore the peace.

Lida is growing more fond of Neels by the day while Celine forces Fritz to be honest with himself. Stef is anxious to settle the will but a cunning Saskia continues to manipulate him. Liam and Carina share their excitement about the future of Bakgat.

Thursday 04 February 2016
Episode 2251

Liam confesses a secret about his past that shocks Saskia to the core. Stef prepares documents for Saskia to sign, only to get a nasty surprise. Celine tries, with the help of Cardo, to bring peace amongst her friends, but her plan backfires.

Monday 8 February 2016
Episode 2252

Liam and Saskia almost get caught. Celine and Cardo have had enough of the silence between the friends at the Villa, and try to create a plan to help. Fritz is uncomfortable with the fact that Lida and Neels are getting closer.

Tuesday 9 February 2016
Episode 2253

Fritz is proven wrong and even though this is a rare event he still maintains his dignity. Saskia and Liam’s plans hit a rough patch at a time when they cannot afford it. Eben’s turmoil continues and Fritz gets unexpected news. Cardo and Celine’s solution to their friends’ friction turns into a new nighmare in the making.

Wednesday 10 February 2016
Episode 2254

Marius contacts Vicky. Stef’s excitement about his unborn child is overshadowed by a big decision Vicky makes. Wouter wants to work at Bakgat and Eben still lingers in his unrequited love for him. Fritz receives good news about his prescious coins and attempts to impress Lida by working with his hands.

Thursday 11 February 2016
Episode 2255

Fritz and Lida share an intense moment, while Neels is preparing a big romantic surprise for her. Eben is at his wit’s end with Wouter and decides to take the bull by the horns. Liam increases the pressure on Saskia and she tries to fight back, but will she ever be her own woman again?

Monday 15 February 2016
Episode 2256

Neels’ plans are driving him crazy and his big secret is revealed. Fritz tries to hold on to his last possible chance of happiness but it is an uphill battle. Liam lays down the law and tells Saskia how things will be in future for them.

Liam convinces Carina and Vicky that deep down he is actually a kindhearted, caring person. Wouter confronts Eben and Stef and Vicky drift even further apart. Cardo slips up with Celine but gets support from an unexpected ally.

Tuesday 16 February 2016
Episode 2257

The lovebirds seem to be very happy and Neels puts pressure on Lida to get hitched as soon as possible. Carina has a serious talk with Wouter about the incident between him and Eben and Wouter confronts a very nervous Eben.

Liam encourages Saskia to strengthen her relationship with Stef and Vicky finds comfort in a very strange place. Marius contacts Carina but she isn’t emotionally strong enough to listen to him.

Wednesday 17 February 2016
Episode 2258

Carina is upset by her insights about her and Marius’ relationship and Wouter supports her. Fritz is troubled  by his feelings towards towards Lida and her impending mariage. Celine and Stef helps him to admit this, but convincing him to act on those feelings seems an impossible task.

Stef is torn between Saskia needing him and Vicky wanting to resolve things between them. Celine confronts Cardo about his personal integrity, as that influences how she feels about him.

Thursday 18 February 2016
Episode 2259

Liam is focussed on finding the precious coins, which leads him to the Villa’s cellar. Fritz comes clean, telling Neels and Lida he would not attend their wedding, but the is then overcome with an emotion, which projects him to do something shocking.

Monday 22 February 2016
Episode 2260

Fritz would like to talk to Lida, but all she can think of is Neels. Liam’s plans are progressing well, but Saskia is not making it easy. Stef and Saskia are getting closer, while Vicky decides that perhaps she should move on too. Cardo gets an unexpected visitor that makes him and Celine very tense.

Tuesday 22 February 2016
Episode 2261

Fritz decides to sort out matters between him and Lida, but it’s easier said than done. Eben and Wouter are more comfortable with each other, while an unsettled Vicky becomes increasingly fascinated with Liam. Meanwhile Cardo and Celine are panicking about their stowaway in the workroom.

Wednesday 24 February 2016
Episode 2262

Fritz comforts Lida when she admits to feeling guilty about Neels. Celine and Cardo want to help Zander, but it seems to be too late. Carina wants Liam to plan in advance when it comes to her business. Stef is jealous of Vicky and Liam’s friendship. Saskia warns Stef, but he needs proper evidence to believe her.

Thursday 25 February 2016
Episode 2263

Liam makes it clear to Saskia that he has his eye on Vicky and that Saskia should keep Stef busy, but Saskia refuses. Fritz invites Lida to the opera and asks Celine to take over some of her duties but Lida is not impressed.

Carina is frustrated when Wouter gives her the cold shoulder and Stef warns Liam to stay away from Vicky but is taken aback with Liam’s response. Zander is shot and Cardo and Celine have to run for their lives.

Monday 29 February 2016
Episode 2264

Liam tells a tale and slyly exposes Saskia in front of Fritz. Lida and Fritz try to reach a compromise on where their future lies, but a misunderstanding ruins the day. The door bell rings, and Fritz gets a big surprize. Celine rebels against her blindness, while Cardo tries his best to comfort her.

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Villa Rosa is on KykNet Mondays to Thursdays at 18:30

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