TIDAL fires a few employees over Lawsuit saga.


It’s won’t be ‘his’ first time. Jay Z always get rid of the dirty spots – and if it’s stubborn stains, he always find a solution to remedy the situation. He’s at it again after TIDAL was faced with a lawsuit, Jay Z wasn’t impressed with the executive operation and thus had to make a few changes.

Mr Carter, swept off executive members even though, in the latest statement, they had reported that they are clear of royalty issues and are able to purchase master recordings.

Jay Z still fired a few members.

It was released in a statement that TIDAL had let go of COO Nils Juel and CFO Chris Hart, It evident that bad press let to their executive ranks affected.

Jay Z’s TIDAL continues to grow and has been reported that the release of Kanye West’s latest album The Life of Pablo – played a major role in growing TIDAL with more than double subscribers it had previously, within a week of it’s release.


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