The goodie bag mystery out in the open – The inside of the SAMA’s goodie bag


The Goodie Bag – HALA! – all revealed now. The 22nd Annual South African Music Award Goodie bag is now analyzed and we can openly reveal what to expect on the inside.

How much does it cost ? That’s the question isn’t it ?  well question it no more, it was estimated to be R1 000 000 WORTH OF PRIZES, but in fact it is worth R1.6M.

Ooh Snap – Let me rewind, what’s a goodie bag? for those who didn’t know, well, a so called goodie bag is… Presenters are, yearly, awarded… Hold up, I mean thanked for all the effort with a goodie bag that has a whole lot more than one can expect.

According to THE JUICE the goodie bag consist of:

  • Luxurious Ray-Bans
  • Mille sport gear
  • Converse Footwear
  • Stance Socks
  • fitness programmes offered by Body 20 Studio
  • handbag from Best Breast
  • products and vouchers from the Beauty Factory and Beauty Fix.

I believe there’s a whole lot more. The 22nd SAMA’s will be Saturday 4th June 2016 live on SABC 1 at 20:00




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