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Words and Numbers TV SHOW on SABC 2

Entertainment January 25, 2016

About Words and Numbers

Words and Numbers, an entertaining fun show for bright young minds is about to screen on SABC2 at 10h00 from 5 April 2014 for 52 weeks.

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Energetic ‘mad hatter’ Denver Vraagom is the presenter of Words & Numbers.  He puts contestants through their paces as they battle it out with words and numbers games in a captivating quiz show.

Contenders must reach the top 40 and from there move into the quarter finals, semi finals and finals to receive the trophy for the Words & Numbers champion of the season.

“Words & Numbers also features bright fresh graphics, a state of the art virtual set and is recorded in one of a few virtual studios on the African continent.  The show focuses on literacy and numeracy among young learners and parents” says Hanyani Sono, assistant commissioning editor at SABC Education.

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Women in Sport

Entertainment January 25, 2016

About Women in Sport

Women in Sport celebrates the role of women across all sporting codes. The programme is fast paced and informative, providing a home for sportswomen in South Africa.

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12:00 PM – 12:30 PM

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The programme covers all aspects of our sporting world from administration through to players on the pitch. High achievers will be profiled and the news segments will highlight the achievements of South Africans around the world.

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When Duty Calls on SABC 2

Entertainment January 25, 2016

About When Duty Calls

When Duty Calls is a weekly television programme broadcast on SABC2.

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A wonderful opportunity to address safety and security issues and help in curbing crime in our society.

When Duty Calls continuously strives to inform members of the public about significant issues.  It provides hints & tips on relevant crime tendencies and also educates on counter measures at the same time.  It indirectly promotes the SAPS to the members of the Public and has been directly attributed to the solving of or receiving of valuable information on several specific cases. Presented by Senior Superintendent, Tumi Golding.

Key features on the programme include Crime awareness area, hints and tips, community news, feedback on those wanted, missing persons, and provincial forcus.

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Voetspore on SABC 2

Entertainment January 25, 2016

About Voetspore

Voetspore Season 2 is a 26-episode series that aims to take its viewers on a tour to the lesser known parts of the African continent.

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06:00 PM – 06:30 PM

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The team was detained for four days in Agadez in Nigeria and sometimes had to brave the elements, camping the wild, in what is unknown territory. Two weeks after they went through Maiduguri in Nigeria, more than 150 people were killed in civil unrest.

The highlights of the journey include the visit to the Pelican 16, a South African Air Force Shakleton that crash landed in the Western Sahara in 1994, the visit to Goree Island, just off Dakar, the visit to the South African built library in Timbuktu.

The eventual journey was completed in 96 days, and the team travelled just over 23 000 kilometres.

“Tracking down the Western Parts of Africa, having experienced close brush ups with the Nigerian law along the way, Johan Badenhorst and team Voetspore remained encouraged in their goal, that they ensured that this season was filmed in a more captivating, informative yet captivating manner. SABC2 could not be more proud to inform viewers that this season promises to be the best of its kind thus far,” enthused Zandile Nkonyeni, publicity manager, SABC2.

The series airs every Friday at 18:00, only on SABC2. Repeats on Sunday at 14:00.

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Visionaries' Lounge

Entertainment January 25, 2016

About Visionaries’ Lounge

Visionaries’ Lounge is an internally produced talk show which is a 26 x 24 minute talk-show.

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08:30 PM – 09:00 PM

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The series profiles self-made South Africans with noteworthy achievements, this to demonstrate the importance of internal-agency in the process of self-development. The achievers use their life stories to unpack the process of character development, self-belief, the importance of values and personal philosophies in building a successful life determined by one’s desires and dreams.

The series features guests across the racial lines and from different disciplines. The show also features people like Dr. Imtiaz Sooliman , Pastor Musa Sono, and Mirriam Zwane just to name a few.

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