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South Africa: R Kelly concert fraud case’s posponed

Entertainment March 17, 2016

R. Kelly has been quite a regular in South Africa, since the world cup in 2010 (held in South Africa), in 2013 the 3 time Grammy award winner, came to South African for his Single Ladies Tour.


The former head of the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), Andile Lungisa, took an advantage of the self proclaimed R&B King’s star, and a case was opened against him and his 3 co-accused (his wife Ursula Sali , Thabo Shogole and Xolisile Guqaza (Business Associates)) as they defrauded the Department of Arts and Culture of R2.5-million.

They had said this would cover fees for the appearance of the super-star at Nelson Mandela Sport and Culture Day concert at the FNB stadium.

However,  R Kelly, who was in South Africa, on tour at the time, was not aware of Andile’s arrangement with his business associates – The ‘Step in the name of love‘ singer, left the country without performing at the FNB stadium as it was expected by fans and Department of Arts and Culture.

The matter had been postponed ( for representations to be made to the office of the NDPP) in the past, and yet again this for  the National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) to make a decision on new developments of the case.

However, the NDPP has not received representations according to Ronel Dookun, the state prosecutor.

It had been said by the Defence lawyer Mthetheleli Lindwa, that they are not delaying the matter, however, they are merely excising their right and so to tackle the issue in all angles.

The postponed dates are not yet revealed to the public, it’s been 3 years, and the drag linger on.

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R Kelly writes remixed lyrics to a song he hadn’t created yet.

Entertainment March 5, 2016

This here is about the Ignition and the ignition remix by R Kelly. R. explains the definition of a remix and what it constitutes.

Both song appear on the 2003 release, Chocolate Factory;

‘Ignition (Remix)’ is a remix of ‘Ignition’

Initially it was said that Ignition was set to be on the Loveland album, after it’s leak, R. decided to turn Loveland into Chocolate Factory, and apparently Ignition Remix came after the studio liked the “bounce” part of it at the end of the song.


About is the original song – which was written in 2002 and was suppose to be on the Love Land Album.


and we have the Remix – official Music Video.

This is where is gets interesting, R Kelly was interviewed by GQ and he pointed out something interesting, that GQ would like to describe it as “bizarre and counter-logical”

Looking at the origins to the hit ‘Ignition (Remix)’

R kelly wrote the ‘Ignition (Remix)’ long before the original song. Particularly the the lyrics

“It’s the remix to ‘Ignition’/ hot and fresh out the kitchen”

Five or more years back, R Kelly wrote the remixed lyrics to a song he hadn’t created yet.

When asked how he manages to do that. his response:

You tell me.

R Kelly latest album is called the buffet

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Watch R Kelly Sing about his life in 45 Minutes

Entertainment February 16, 2016

GQ asked R Kelly to sing his memoir for 45 Minutes. and of coarse he did.  Watch as R kelly sings for 45 Minutes – and further more you can watch R Kelly’s trapped in the closet, which you’ll see that he’s not much of a stranger in story telling. 

R Kelly’s latest album is called Buffet, features songs like “Backyard party“, “Marching Band (feat. Juicy J)” and “Switch Up (feat. Lil Wayne and Jeremih)


In an era of declining songwriting skills and auto tune crooning R. Kelly embodies the best traditions of American music as a vocalist, songwriter and producer. He uses classic materials to create music as contemporary as Siri’s iPhone voice. Despite selling millions of recordings and writing classic songs for himself and many others, this Chicago based singer-songwriter continues to push his art forward with Write Me Back, a dynamic twelve song collection that is part of his extraordinary 2012 — The Year of the R.Along with his remarkable new album, R. Kelly is publishing his first memoir, Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me, and signed with the IFC Channel to add chapters to his innovative hip hop opera Trapped in the Closet, which was an early 21st century cultural phenomenon.

Write Me Back continues the homage to classic soul/R&B that distinguished 2010’s critically acclaimed Love Letter. But where that album celebrates the music of the ‘50s and ‘60s, this has a wider collection of musical inspirations, going to sounds that echo Ray Charles, while evoking the passionate magic of Teddy Pendergrass, Barry White and Michael Jackson among many others. The content and the title of this new recording were definitely inspired by the triumph of the previous album.

The songs on Write Me Back do not simply pay homage to older styles, but evoke a myriad of influences at the same time and in the process create something pleasing and new. “I have many directions I still wanna go in musically,” he says of where he is creatively. “This just happened to be a direction I choose for now because the first album did so well people started asking me if I was gonna be doing any other songs like that.. Through those questions I found a second wind of inspiration in the area of doing the classic R&B type of songs.”The tasty array of musical influences R. Kelly transforms and reinvents ranges through the history of classic soul. “Love Is,” “Share My Love” and “Lady Sunday” evoke the lush, danceable sound of Philadelphia. “Feeling Single” and “Believe That It’s So” effortlessly mash up echoes of Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder. “All Rounds On Me” has a blues feel that Ray Charles would envy, while “Fool For You” has that classic Motown Sound. “Green Light” will make fans of the Isley Brothers happy, while “Party Jumpin’” captures the seriously fun late night spirit of a live Sam Cooke show. Both “When A Man Lies” and “Believe In Me” are powerhouse songs poised to join the canon of R. Kelly standards.

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R Kelly releases Marching band Single from Buffet Album after Back Yard Party.

Entertainment November 13, 2015

rkelly2R Kelly has released yet another single from the anticipated album which is due to be released on the 11th of December 2015.

R Kelly releases Marching band

R-Kelly-The-Buffet-Album-CoverR. Kelly’s The Buffet Track List

1. “The Poem”
2. “Poetic Sex”
3. “Anything Goes” feat. Ty Dolla $ign
4. “Let’s Make Some Noise” feat. Jhené Aiko
5. “Marching Band” feat. Juicy J
6. “Switch Up” feat. Lil Wayne and Jeremih
7. “Wanna Be There” feat. Ariirayé
8. “All My Fault”
9. “Wake Up Everybody”
10. “Get Out Of Here With Me”
11. “Backyard Party”
12. “Sextime”
13. “Let’s Be Real Now” feat. Tinashe


14. “I Just Want to Thank You” feat. WizKid
15. “Keep Searchin’”
16. “Sufferin’”
17. “I Tried”
18. “Barely Breathin’”


r-kelly-marching-band“We in here flexin like it’s nothin’, grindin’ and we bumpin’ / Booty so big got a n—- hearin’ trumpets / Sit it on my face like budabumbumbum / Now shawty make it clap like budabumbumbum,” R. Kelly sings,

“I have fans from numerous generations listening to my music now and I wanted to provide everyone with something they could enjoy,” the singer states. “With The Buffet, I wanted to showcase a variety of my musical sounds and include all the genres I love on one project.”




Below you can watch a Party yard party official music video




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