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My World TV Show on SABC 1

Entertainment January 25, 2016

About My World

The reality series has let 8 distinct men and women show us what they want South Africa to know about them without any restrictions and red tape.

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It will propel someone who is about to become big into being bigger, and make an already large character into one whom people at home can call an icon.

My World series has been a success because for once on South African television, talented people are treated as humans and not intangible figures without a background, family, disappointments, dreams, pain and fears.

My World season 4 will become an even larger stage to showcase SA’s best in a humble and honest manner.  This seasons’ theme is based on the 20 years of democracy in South Africa where we will see the worlds of these individuals celebrated parallel to our countries democracy.  The show will travel across Mzansi meeting the individuals whose worlds have helped shape normal citizens to become inspired in their daily lives. My World has become a place where each story is treated with the utmost respect and dignity – a place that every famous person would like to be a part.

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