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Fan gets shot! Chris Brown gets sued.

Entertainment March 9, 2016

Paul Briley, who’s supposedly a Chris Brown fan, sues the singer for getting shot at his concert that was in San Jose.

According to TMZ, Chris brown has stricken back to to Paul, and has bluntly said it’s not his problem.

In a lawsuit he claims that Chris Brown‘s responsible because he attracts violence wherever he goes and should have tighten up his security. It’s not the first time an incident like this has happened, as Bradly pointed out the other incident like that of 1 OAK in WeHo.

In that incident, he points out that two people were shot and one of them include, Suge Knight, an American record producer and music executive.

Brown’s response was that in saying, it’s the club’s responsibility to protect fans. He also point out that the incident at 1 OAK was not his concert, he was just hosting.

Will the Judge toss the lawsuit as Chris asks,

Mz Virgo, one of TMZ users – who claims to have been at the concert comment in saying: “I remember this like it was yesterday. A guy that my cousin was JUST dancing with ended up laying in the parking lot wounded and bleeding from a gun shot wound. We were at the very front of the stage and literally had everybody laying on our legs after the first round of gunshots rang out so we couldn’t get up. After the second round of gunshots, I used all my upper body strength to hoist myself up and then grabbed my sis and lil cousin and hopped over couches to get the hell outta that club. Scariest moment of my life! In all fairness, it is NOT Chris’s fault that the venue had little security. The jenky promoter and club owner just wanted the money. Glad Chris is no longer doing shows/hosting at hole in the wall clubs. Judge should toss out the case.”

The TMZ video is embeded below

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