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Boity Thulo a trained sangoma ?

Entertainment June 12, 2016

A very reputable newspaper has recently posted that Boity Thulo is a trained sangoma. However it is the same newspaper that posted a false story about DJ Sbu. In this case however they have posted and said that Boity herself confirmed that she heeded her ancestral call to become a traditional healer.

Boity Thulo was spotted wearing sangoma beads at the South African Music Awards that was held in Durban, and sundayworld claims that’s when she made the startling confession.

ALSO READ Boity talks about Cassper

It was also reported she’s been telling her friends that she completed her training of becoming a traditional healer. Well, she’s to comment about this soonest.


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Boity and Cassper broke up

Entertainment March 18, 2016

Boity Thula has spoken to TRUE LOVE MAGAZINE recently and has told them that her and cassper are no longer seeing each other,

She confirmed that they broke up in December 2015. and this is what she said about cheating allegations. “Not once did I ever feel like he’s cheating on me or he’s giving someone else attention. There was never a time we fought about any girl, he was absolutely respectful towards me in terms of his female fans. Funny enough the female fans just showed me so much respect as well.”

Watch full story below



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WATCH: Boity talks about her break up with Cassper Nyovest

Entertainment March 17, 2016

Boity True Love magBoity Thulo admits exclusively to TRUE LOVE that her and Cassper have broken up. The couple called it quits long before we knew about it today, although there have been rumors which are now confirmed that most of it, to be true.

“We broke up in December and I cried about it, I got angry about it, I tried to convince myself that it’s okay then eventually you are just like life actually continues,”




The TV Personality talks further about cheating allegations, she says “Not once did I ever feel like he’s cheating on me or he’s giving someone else attention. There was never a time we fought about any girl, he was absolutely respectful towards me in terms of his female fans. Funny enough the female fans just showed me so much respect as well,”

The reason for the break up, Boity said: “All it was was just time management – one was busier than the other – and it’s just time, that’s all it was.”



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OK, But Boity is not pregnant !

Entertainment February 19, 2016

As I sit down! Boity is not pregnant, we shall not be expecting Little Nyovest ‘anytime soon’ but you never know. However she posted an instagram picture that got everyone questioning and wondering if she really is pregnant.


I almost fainted when I saw the follow instagram picture


But she confirmed to the Juice that there’s nothing in the oven,


“Are people really serious? How can I go from a flat stomach to six months pregnant in 3 days?”

“If anything, that picture of me at the E! Entertainment event just showed off my food baby. Relax, guys. I’m not pregnant!”




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It's over between Cassper Nyovest and Boity, Or is it?

Entertainment December 27, 2015

Could It be officially over between Cassper Nyovest and Boity. We cannot say we didn’t see this coming. According to Sunday Sun – There will be no more baecations between Mr #FilledUpTheDome and the exquisite Boity.

Apparently there has been issues in their relationships – Cassper seems have been fiddling with his dongle a lot lately. He’s been entertaining and fooling around with women or rather girls that are after him. The “I made it” rapper seem to have problems holding himself.

We couldn’t reach Boity for any comments, however Cassper says it’s all just rumours and that they are still together. However, we will be expecting a statement from them soon.

Twitter goes mad after the release of the article from Sunday Sun. Look at some of the tweets.



More news as the story unfolds.

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