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Bonang Matheba and AKA split and Make up

Entertainment February 18, 2017

Bonang Matheba and AKA split and Make up

Remember the Power couple. Rather the fallacious couple and so we thought, however it turned out to be as real as a glass of wine. It gets to your head real quick. Quick recap… The power couple had called it quit, what had happened is, AKA announced it on twitter that they have split. You should’ve seem the the  response on twitter and Facebook;

we were too quick to judge, we had also been thinking about DJ Zinhle and how she’s loving the break up presumably so of cause.

After the announcement, twitter went ‘Bezinga!

Like honestly, Like Ruri, AKA tweeted: “Sad to announce that myself and Bonang have broken up. We tried guys,”

I honestly thought this was it.

Just when we thought we had moved on from that chapter, he comes back and tweets: “I love Bonang, I’m just a bit craze and intense. I’m sorry baby. We good. Ya so what. Couples fight. Get over it. Life goes on,”

Damn it!

Proof ?


Tweets were deleted… Well, Well, Well, what is happening here… Is there yet another breakup ?

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BET Nominations: Cassper, AKA and Black Coffee for the Best for the International Act: Africa category.

Entertainment May 21, 2016

First and far most, a big congratulations to Mzansi’s hottest acts and most talent AKA, Cassper and Black Coffee, All these three Africa’s favorites, are nominated under the same category:  the Best for the International Act: Africa category.

Who’s walking away with the Award… Is it Cassper Nyovest? Is it AKA or better yet is it the almighty house guru DJ Black Coffee. Who do you think will walk away with the award?

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AKA had something to say about Kim Kardashian

Entertainment March 11, 2016

AKA added a few hints or rather facts about Kim Kardashian nudes. Kim posted an mirror ‘selfie’ fully naked and blackened the ‘goodies’ as it would be described by Channel24. Kim lashed a few celebrities that were against it.

The internet exploded with mixed feeling, some were amazed, while some where just not impressed with the mother of 2.



Well, AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes, twitted on the matter.


AKA Tweets: “The moral of the story is that you can’t please everyone … So be pleased with yourself.” , The 28 year old rapper, raises a point that we shouldn’t live our lives according to people’s expectation.



This makes lot of sense, he raised very good points and so ultimately AKA has made a very good point in this matter.



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Entertainment March 10, 2016

Kiernan Forbes, best known as AKA, has recently announced big news, that he will be releasing a new song on Friday (11 March). The premier of the song will be performed live on stage for the very first time. The award-winning SA rapper, will take to the stage on LIVE AMP SABC 1 this Friday, to perform his new single titled “One Time“.

AKA is known as a hit maker, hence the nicknames The Supa MegSupaDoroMega3rdWorldBoss. Since AKA released an Album in 2014 (Levels), which featured songs like “Jealousy“, “Congratulate“, “Run Jozi (Godly) (featuring K.O)”, “All Eyes On Me” and more.

In 2015 we heard singles like “Baddest” (featuring Burna Boy, Khuli Chana and Yanga) and “Composure

The former Entity Member, AKA, took to twitter to announce the news.

Social Media is flooded with the news and cannot wait to see him perform his single live, AKA, whose music video featuring Diamond Platnumz, Make Me Sing reached 1 Million Views in a very short period of time, making him the first South African artist to achieve this, got SA on their feet when he announce the One Time Single.


The news continued to raise when Bonang Matheba, tweeted: “Friday, March 11th. 19h30. SABC 1.” as we all know how close they’ve been lately, that there have been rumors that they might be a couple but this has never been confirmed.


Live AMP confirmed the news and wrapped it out for us and so be on the look out for this performance. The world awaits anxiously.



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WATCH! Cassper Nyovest and AKA's upcoming Song titled Mince Meat – It's Parody!

Entertainment March 7, 2016

Cassper Nyovest and AKA's upcoming Song titled Mince Meat

AKA and Cassper Nyovest have finally found their impersonators (Skhumba and Donovan Goliath), except they are more close than them, now that they apparently have a song coming out soon called “Mince Meat“. The hilarious pair took the internet by storm and everybody is talking about them. However 8C would like to hear the song, any song from them will do.

“What beef?” asks ‘AKA’ of cause portrayed by Donvan Goliath, who is a stand up comedian from South Africa.

“There was never a beef” says Skumba, our Cassper Nyovest impersonator.

‘AKA’ goes on to say beef was the name of the album they were working on and the media took it out of context. They end it with Cassper getting a called from “B” as aka gets furious and asks “What B?” because we all know now that AKA and Bonang have become very close.

This is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen.

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