Suidooster Teasers September 2016 updates


Suidooster Teasers September 2016 updates

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Thursday 1 September 2016
Episode 135

Bianca keeps her big news to herself and Tim is back in Ruiterbosch. Meanwhile, Michelle must convince Stefan that the diamond ring doesn’t belong to her, while Bridgette tries to prevent Lee-­Ann from taking over her fundraiser.

Monday 5 September 2016
Episode 136

Mymoena is worried about Bianca, and Tim returns to work. Stefan and Michelle find out if the diamond ring is worth anything, while Mrs. J just wants her daughters to get along.

Tuesday 6 September 2016
Episode 137

Stefan tries to contact Carmen to get information regarding the ring. Bianca feels uncomfortable in the Samsodien home after telling AB en Mymoena the truth, while Nicole feels trapped between Rhafiek and Tim.

Wednesday 7 September 2016
Episode 138

Nicole and Tim both try to make sense of their derailed wedding day, but they don’t seem to be able to discuss it with one another peacefully. Michelle is anxious about the valuable ring and Bianca is convinced AB no longer wants her in his home.

Thursday 8 September 2016
Episode 139

Ian and Lee-Ann try to sort out the problem between Rhafiek and Tim. Mrs. J convinces Lee-Ann to make amends with Bridgette. Ian is worried about his son, while Bianca struggles to accept her pregnancy.

Monday 12 September 2016
Episode 140

Bianca hates the fact that AB and Mymoena are interfering in her life. Lee-Ann suggests that the young people take part in teambuilding sessions at the office. Ian tries to bribe Jerome into coming back to Suidooster Properties.

Tuesday 13 September 2016
Episode 141

Jerome mulls over Ian’s offer to return to Suidooster Properties, while Michelle is still desperate to find the valuable ring. Fasie has difficulty accepting his condition and the atmosphere at the office becomes too much for Nicci to bear.

Wednesday 14 September 2016
Episode 142

Bridgette confronts Jerome about his fight with his father but Jerome is having none of it. Oom Fasie is discharged from hospital and Mymoena realises she might have bitten off more than she can chew. A misunderstanding makes Rhafiek decide to take action.

Thursday 15 September 2016
Episode 143

Jerome gets help from unexpected quarters but Ian puts even more pressure on him. New information about the diamond ring results in new challenges for Michelle and Stefan. Tim becomes increasingly angry about the situation at work but Rhafiek refuses to stay out of Nicci’s life any longer.

Friday 19 September 2016
Episode 144

Nicole and Rhafiek are madly in love after their kiss, but they decide to keep their romance a secret from the rest of Ruiterbosch for the time being. Jerome’s business plans gather momentum, while Mrs. J and the Samsodiens try their best to cheer Fasie up.

Monday 20 September 2016
Episode 145

Stefan places an ad about the ring and gets an overwhelming response. Bianca goes for her first sonar and reveals her secret. Fasie’s sister Hanna arrives to surprise him.

Tuesday 21 September 2016
Episode 146

Nicole and Rhafiek try to keep their relationship a secret, but Tim starts to put pressure on them. Stefan makes a decision about the ring, while AB tries to convince Bianca to contact Derick.

Wednesday 22 September 2016
Episode 147

Hanna no longer thinks it was a good idea to come to Ruiterbosch. Nicole and Rhafiek’s relationship is becoming more intense, while Kaye is worried about her daughter’s whereabouts.

Thursday 26 September 2016
Episode 148

Chris is worried about the bond forming between Tim and Ian, and Stefan makes Fasie an offer. Lauren lies about her whereabouts, while Jerome impresses his mother and aunt with a presentation for the October Drive.

Friday 27 September 2016
Episode 149

Mrs. J learns why Fasie and Hanna are estranged, while the Du Plooys give Stefan and Michelle advice about the ring. Lauren fears that Jerome will discover her secret and Bianca has a very important decision to make.

Monday 28 September 2016
Episode 150

Mymoena is shocked by Bianca’s actions, while Tim messes up Rhafiek’s attempts to delay his trip to Johannesburg. Fasie struggles to keep his sister at a distance and Jerome finds himself in a new dilemma with Lauren.

Tuesday 29 September 2016
Episode 151

Lauren finds it increasingly difficult to hide her real movements from Kaye and Jerome respectively. Fasie makes a breakthrough with his therapy and Bridgette is out and about to make the final arrangements for the October Drive.


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