Suidooster Teasers May 2016


Suidooster Teasers May 2016

Monday 2 May 2016
Episode 73

Mymoena has a suggestion for Stefan and Michelle concerning her miscarriage and Mrs J decides on the future of the centre after the holdup in the deli.

Chris gets a phone call from Rita, while Lee-Ann becomes more suspicious of Harry. Ian realises that he bit off more than he can chew when he contracted his old friend.

Tuesday 3 May 2016
Episode 74

Chris wants to find out if Ian is behind the crimewave that hit the centre, while Tim tries to reach out to Nicole again.

Stefan wants to protect himself and the deli’s customers with a firearm and Rhafiek meets a beautiful girl with whom he immediately has a rapport. Rita shows up at someone’s home…

Wednesday 4 May 2016
Episode 75

Stefan berates himself for not having defended himself during the robbery. Rhafiek needs to accept that Nicole has no intention of breaking up with Tim. Rita tries to explain that she knows who is responsible for the crime wave in Suidooster. Both Lee-Ann and Ian take her seriously…
Monday 9 May 2016
Episode 76

Harry gives Ian until evening to find himself the things he needs to get into the chemist. Rita begs Chris not to send her back to the sanatorium and to rather let her live on the streets. Tim asks Nicci to make him a promise…

Tuesday 10 May 2016
Episode 77

Stefan tries his best to lift spirits at home. Carmen’s long-awaited treasure chest finally arrives, and something she finds inside makes her sad. A hostage drama is taking place in the October living room.

Wednesday 11 May 2016
Episode 78

The hostage drama in the October household continues. Stefan is excited about his first martial arts class, while Tim is devastated after his phone conversation with Nicci. Chris fears for Ian and his family’s lives and is forced to ask Lee-Ann for help.
Monday 18 May 2016
Episode 79

The hostage drama at the October home continues and Ian tries to free his family. The Samsodiens are rocked by tragedy. Carmen finds herself in a struggle between the past and the present.

Tuesday 19 May 2016
Episode 80

Tim needs advice from Chris regarding an important decision. The Octobers try to move on after their traumatic ordeal. Nicole is still uncomfortable with Shahieda and Rhafiek seeing each other.

Wednesday 20 May 2016
Episode 81

Rhafiek tries to find a way to cope with his feelings about Tim and Nicole’s relationship. Fasie wants to reconcile with Mathilda, but finds it difficult to win back her trust. Ian gives Bridgette a gift and makes her a promise… but can she trust him?
Monday 25 May 2016
Episode 82

AB feels he’s recovered sufficiently from the shooting to return to work, but gradually realises he’s far from ready. Tim is fed up with the way Bridgette meddles in his relationship with Nicole, while Jerome has new hope that he can save his relationship with Carmen.

Tuesday 26 May 2016
Episode 83

Lee-Ann struggles with tenants who refuse to renew their leases. Carmen is fired up to move in with Jerome. Tim finally speaks to Bridgette about him and Nicole.

Wednesday 27 May 2016
Episode 84

Bridgette sinks the final nail into Tim and Nicole’s coffin. Fasie and Mathilda are making big plans, while Mrs J is yet again putting out fires around her.
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