Suidooster Teasers July 2016


Monday 4 July 2016
Episode 100

Stefan is in a tough situation and Bridgette has a huge surprise for Nicole. AB starts wondering whether he didn’t perhaps make a mistake with Mathilda’s medication, while Derick is adamant to avenge her death.

Tuesday 5 July 2016
Episode 101

The Labarang festivities are under way. Stefan’s bail gets paid, but Michelle discovers something else. Nicole is hurt by Rhafiek’s attitude and AB’s holy day ends on a bad note.

Wednesday 6 July 2016
Episode 102

Stefan has finally found a lawyer but they cannot afford his fees. Lee-Ann and Chris realise that they will have to make a plan to spend more time together. Meanwhile Bridgette has a prenuptual agreement drawn up for Nicole and Tim.

Thursday 7 July 2016
Episode 103

Fasie gets to be an investigative journalist again. Chris and Lee-Anne’s relationship is tested, while Rhafiek gets an offer to make a huge commission. Bridgette feels neglected and Stefan is worried about his future.

Monday 11 July 2016
Episode 104

Fasie carries on with his detective work regarding Mathilda’s death, but how will Derick react to this? Stefan finds himself in an ever bigger pickle, while Chris and Lee-Ann try to give their relationship a shot in the arm. But then Tim voices his concern about Chris’s dedication to Rita…

Tuesday 12 July 2016
Episode 105

Nicole loses her patience with Bridgette’s constant meddling in the wedding arrangements. Stefan realises he urgently needs money to handle the charge of drunk driving against him, while AB remains hopeful that Chris will dig up information implicating Mathilda’s domestic worker in her death, thereby absolving him of guilt.

Wednesday 13 July 2016
Episode 106

AB is convinced he knows who swapped Mathilda’s pills. Tim and Ian’s work relationship improves even more, much to Jerome’s irritation. Meanwhile Lee-Ann wants to find out what the true story is behind the shooting at the harbour.

Thursday 14 July 2016
Episode 107

Fasie shares new information about Derick with AB, while Stefan reconsiders the offer from Michelle’s brother. Chris has good news for Lee-Ann and Bianca has to decide whether she’ll join Derick on his extended vacation.

Monday 18 July 2016
Episode 108

Nicole pranks Tim with the wedding invitations. Bianca has a confrontation with AB that makes him seriously reconsider his situation. Chris and Ian try to find out whether Supa Trans is busy with underhanded dealings.

Tuesday 19 July 2016
Episode 109

Bianca and Michelle both guard the secret of Derick having been alone in the pharmacy, while Ian is determined to run Cape2Gold as a clean business. Stefan still refuses to accEpisodet money from Michelle’s family and it seems the two of them won’t be able to cross this barrier in their relationship.

Wednesday 20 July 2016
Episode 110

Bianca’s life is in danger and her chances of escaping seem slim. Tim is taken aback when Rhafiek helps him with a surprise for Nicole, while Chris asks Michelle to talk sense into Stefan’s head.

Thursday 21 July 2016
Episode 111

Lee-Ann hears more about the shadowy ways in which Chris and Ian found out about Supa Trans’s smuggling and decides to take matters into her own hands. Stefan has to appear in court and Ian secretly decides to help with Tim’s offer to buy a property.

Monday 25 July 2016
Episode 112

Lee-Ann is in the newspaper after helping with the arrest of an abalone smuggler, and Bridgette is upset because Ian didn’t receive any credit. Tim finally shows Nicole the property he bought them, while Stefan hears about something that makes him excited about life again.?

Tuesday 26 July 2016
Episode 113

Ian can’t wait to become vice chairperson of the golf club and Stefan tries to impress Fasie with new suggestions for the deli’s menu. Bianca is nervous about her internship at Be-Dazzle, while Lee-Ann has a tough day at work.?

Wednesday 27 July 2016
Episode 114

Lee-Ann takes her dismissal very personally. Ian works poor Stefan beyond the limit, while Nicole and Rhafiek dance a passionate tango.?

Thursday 28 July 2016
Episode 115

Ian gets Chris to further investigate Mike Duff’s abalone smuggling network, and Rhafiek finds it increasingly difficult to hide his true feelings for Nicole. Stefan and Bianca join forces to prEpisodeare for the chef competition, but Fasie needs to be convinced that Oos Wes is the right place to try out alternative recipes.


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