SABC 2: IEC live Municipal ELECTION News [Election Results]



The elections were on the 3rd of August 2016, Tonight, The election news were live on SABC 2. [It took some time] as the election news commenced, it was categorised by layers. Delegates and Missionaries were received.

What we anticipate is that ANC and DA went head to head,  and EFF mostly came second. The Guest of Honor was the President of South Africa: Jacob Zuma.

Mr Mosotho Moepya “Today is here and so are we, we are here because we cannot deny the people of South Africa Democrazy, Welcome to the final Election Results” said the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) 

“We received 1 300 000 more voters”

Mr Mosotho said he is pleased that spoiled votes went down to 1%, He said on avaraged voters waited 15 minutes on the queue before voting, and a lot more number of people found the votes to be fair. Mr Mosotho said he expect more improvement to be made.

“The Johanesburg Municipality results are not yet completed” he said.

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Jacob Zuma has said “The elections were hotly contested can with competing parties passionately arguing their points of view…”

in a middle of it all, Young women protesting pushed out by bodyguard

 More cover on the story to follow…


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