SA Celebrities, Rappers Ifani and Cassper Nyovest make first donations for the 10 Million student fee initiative.

This is an amazing initiative, to help subsidise debts owned by students – who in turn cannot be able to finish their studies.

Will the money be raised by the end of this month ?

According to EyeWitness News, The Spokesperson Refilwe Matenche has said that “We’re hoping with this one initiative we can set the pace for the rest of the year and hopefully collect the rest of the money.”

Ifani as teamed up with the fund raisers, to help raise 10 million this month,

In his statement he said ““When I heard #Access saying they want to raise money… that to me came out as a group of people who are looking for a solution, so immediately I called them up and we had a meeting.”

He continues to say, as he reminds us of Ubuntu in South Africa, from the phrase ‘motho ke motho ka batho’ that we should be helping one another instead of hating on one another.

“This is not just for Wits; this is a national problem that we have and it’s a national campaign. If you are in Port Elizabeth and you want to give money to NMMU please go ahead and do so. This is just to encourage the spirit of Ubuntu that we were raised on to say when the government doesn’t want to respond, we don’t have to sit down and fold our hands as the public. If we can help, let’s help.”

Ifani, the rapper, contributed R50 000, and tweeted a challenge to Cassper Nyovest asking if could match his 50K contribution.

However, Cassper Nyovest, being the first to respond, doubled on Ifani’s contribution of 50K, and thus Cassper Nyovest contributed R100K

Because this is for a good coarse, I really hope the public help, as according to reports are encouraged to also make contributions,

If they could raise more than target, that would be great, Let’s help one another – because education comes first. Nelson Mandela would be proud.

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