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Post-Convention Polls puts Hillary Clinton on the lead against Donald Trump

Who is to be America’s next President, well, it’s Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. Hillary has recently led Donald Trump om the post-convention poll that was originally released by CBS News on Monday.

Hillary Clinton was nominated for President as well as Donald – However CBS News found that 46% of voters claim they would vote for Hillary whereas her Republican rival Donald Trump got 7% less.

According to PPP

“It looks like the Republican and Democratic convention bounces have cancelled each other out and basically left the race where it was a month ago,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “And that’s perfectly good news for Hillary Clinton.”

It’s also important to note that most of the remaining undecided pool is very Democratic leaning. They give Barack Obama a 55/33 approval rating, and they’d rather have him as President than Trump by a 59/10 spread. If they ended up voting for Clinton and Trump by those proportions, it would push Clinton’s lead up from 5 points to 8. But they don’t like Clinton (a 4/83 favorability) or Trump  (a 2/89 favorability). A lot of these folks are disaffected Bernie Sanders voters, and even after the successful convention this week they’re still not sold on Clinton yet. She and her surrogates will have to keep working to try to win those folks over and if they can the election enters landslide territory.


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