Pearl Thusi is engaged…

Pearl Thusi is leaving Live AMP

The Quantico TV Star Pearl Thusi, finally spill the beans that she is engaged.  Pearl is currently in New York shooting a film for her role on TV series Quantico.

The busy bee Pearl, who’s currently been taking a bunch of selfies, finally revealed, and said that  “I’m engaged now, again,” – She probably didn’t mean to say it as she quickly changed the subject during the interview.

When you get home @ 2am to this 😍💖🎀❤️😭

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She said “How is Africa and their stories really going to get out there if we keep using people who are not African to tell the story? But if it has to be, then allow Africans to tell American stories as well. Which is not easy because America is a powerhouse and won’t let it slide that easily,”

Pearl won’t be coming back to SA anytime soon.



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