Muvhango’s Susan talks about how being told she’s ‘ugly’ affected her life

Maumela Mahuwa

Muvhango‘s Suzan, real name Maumela Mahuwa, was approached by DRUM Magazine to discuss issues with being called ‘ugly’ as an actress. “Being told you’re ugly is not nice,”  she said.

Maumela is know as or rather famously known as the the role she plays, of the Chief’s wife, Susan. Being told she was ugly didn’t start when she started appearing on the Mzansi’s favorite soapie, Muvhango.  It started way when she was young and she opened up to the Drum about her childhood.

Throughout her struggle she had to face numerous rejections, and the DRUM tells the story behind a very influential man who came out to her rescue when he told Maumela that she was “a beautiful African child”.

Maumela grew up with a low self esteem, and the 36 year old actress had to deal with issues about her mom who had passed, and sadly took her 12 years to overcome her low self esteem

“When I agreed with them that I was ugly, I stopped loving myself… When you are told you are too dark, short, your nose is flat and your lips are too big, you start to believe you are really ugly. I saw nothing beautiful in me,”

Full story is available on The Drum Magazine.

However what we has learnt is that Maumela had issues with her mother and growing up. She was, together with her brother, raised by her mother, who had no source of income following her divorce which led them to stay with her maternal relatives.

It had came to a point where family members would choose to help only one of her mother’s  kids, as they offered to help but sadly they would always choose her brother, that made Maumela feel unwanted, unloved and deserted.

Maumela was abandoned by her mother and she went to live in Mamvuku for an entire year, Maumela said “My childhood wasn’t easy now that I look back at it. I didn’t have an active father. My mom and I were not close. I was just an island. I was very hard-headed because I believed my mom preferred my elder brother over me,”

Maumela went to stay with her aunt and she was kicked out within three month – she then moved in with her uncle – and stayed with him for years. She said “She had a spaza shop and things would go missing and of course I was the suspect as I was an outsider. She said things like ‘my kids go to Sunday school, they don’t steal’.So I started to steal, because I got beaten for things I didn’t do,”

Five years later she moved back with her mother, and as suspected, she wasn’t happy about it. Maumela said “She once said to me in front of my school friend, ‘you know Maumela is not supposed to be this dark; it’s because she doesn’t bath’,”

Her brother died in 2004, that’s when she reconciled with her mother. she said “When my brother died we needed to create a relationship between us. It was also the first time I saw my father. He came to the funeral, but I couldn’t build a relationship with him,”

She said her mom only told her she loved her when she was 30 “The first time my mother said ‘I love you’ was on my 30th birthday. I was so happy I ran around the house.”

Maumela is yet to release an Gospel Album titled ‘Maumela 1’ Timeslive reports.

The Maumela Journey Continues.




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