[Lyrics] Riky Rick – Makaveli Lyrics


Riky Rick Makaveli Lyrics

Lyrics to Makaveli by Riky Rick

S/O to my uncle, he pick me up from school
Turning up, he play that makaveli like a fool
That was standard 1, I never had a clue
That one day I could rock like I was makaveli too
I feel like Makaveli
I feel like huh
I feel like (x3)
I feel like Makaveli
I feel like huh
I disappeared then I came back
I must be Makaveli

[Verse 1]
I’m tired of this lunch, I just wanted tuck
They giving me 2 rand and that just wasn’t enough
I’m jealous of my peers coz they were rich already
But they didn’t know about my nigga Makaveli
S/O my nigga Nash, I light a candle for ya
Im singin RIP and playing Makaveli for ya
I’m spilling Hennessy for my niggaz that I lost
I wish you coulda seen a nigga turn into a boss
S/O to all the teachers, for teaching all these kids
S/O to Boyzn Bucks for teaching niggaz how to live
S/O to YFM, they play a nigga steady
S/O to the DJs, I miss my nigga Eddie


[Verse 2]
These niggaz sweeter than some vermicelli
You are mr brown sugar I am belly
Bringing back the pelle pelle
You are Hannah Montana you will never be Tony
I am , Zamalek, you are just a peroni
You are , one of my kids, you watch what I did
Then do it the same, we don’t need you in the game
We need some real niggaz and some real bitches
A couple corporate companies spending some real figures
We need a couple muthafuckas that’s ready to go berzerk
My niggaz ain’t getting paid, the system has never worked
My niggaz is getting lost in the hood
Yall never cared
Yall talking about it like yeah yeah life isn’t fair
Yall talking about it like well, that nigga got a million, that nigga got a billion that means the nations probably building
But Patrice won’t even let me in his building
Unless I went to the same school as his children (and I did)


Riky Rick Makaveli Lyrics


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