[Lyrics] Lyrics: Press- Chasing the rainbow lyrics

Chasing the rainbow lyrics by Press

I opened up my heart for you
I let you in, I gave you all of me
And I hoped you would do the same for me

Maybe I made a big mistake
I should have walked when I saw the first signs
I should have known you would hurt me
And make me believe there was hope

And now I am drowning in my own tears
Hoping the sun comes up
And chases all the rain away

Loving you is like chasing the rainbow
I never get there
Cause I keep on running and running and running
But I don’t get to you
Ee-yeah yeah yeah

So many sleepless nights
Trying to figure out what i am doing wrong
I’m trying to retrace my steps and my ways
So I can fnd my faults

I did my best, guess it was not enough
I gave my all, guess it was not enoough
I gave my heart and soul
And all I got in return was this song


I keep on chasing thi rainbow
I keep running and running
I keep on chasing this rainbow

[chorus till end]

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