[Lyrics] Lyrics: Ab Crazy – Nobody Lyrics


Nobody Lyrics by Ab Crazy

[Verse 1]
Treat em how you wanna be treated
Or they gonna come at you when you sleep
Stilling all the change in the game, i’m feving
Last year the boy did good with the features
Young ass nigga’s really soul dreams
I was out here playing for the wrong team
I see my hometown showing and support you’ll
And old friends acting like we still cool yo (no!)
Cama comes back around
A pay back is a bitch
All we get from you is a lot of lip
And there’s a new surf in town, we gonna still get it
Though they don’t play our hits.
(They done pull the plug)

They never wanted to record us, (now here we are)
Park’s cool so we enormous
We just tryanna grind for our sons and our daughters
You gonna fall off tryanna walk on water

[Pre – Hook]
And where were you when we had nothing at all
Where were you when we had nothing at all
Where were you? (Where were you?)
Where were you when we had nothing at all
Where were you when we had nothing at all

Who wanna mess with my squad?
Nobody, nobody, nobody
Nobody, nobody, nobody

[Verse 2]
I ain’t here to make friends
Fitting in was never the plan
I don’t even understand a word you saying
Pay me the full amount or you will never see me again
We still moving in silence like a phantom
Like every lil song we drop should be an anthem
What you talking my man?
Nobody helped us
We still out here getting it, with no blesser
I had a worst time, seen better days
I’m up all night, tryanna get paid
And all that hating shit, I want no more
But niggas want war, I’m tryanna move foward
(They done pull the plug)


[Pre – Hook]


[Verse 3]
You can love ’em and still move on without ’em
I ain’t about that life, my other brother still thuggin
Mama knows her lil boy got goals
She told me stay true, show love like your mama do
‘Rands & Nairas’ was the ring tone
And ‘Home coming’ was a sooth for the soul
Stay away from these fake niggas, it’s toxic
That’s why I don’t even visit niggas often
Money, my own business, now I even got a office
We getting money now and that’s just fucking awesome
My dad gave me money I share it with all my brothers
Brain man! He was pretty good with the numbers
Heard a home boy saying Ab Crazy finished
He go talk about the industry and not even in it
But don’t kid yourself, we still getting it
You talking like a helpless come up, idiot

[Pre – Hook]

[Hook] x2

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