[Lyrics] Lyrics: A-Reece – Sebenza Lyrics


Sebenza Lyrics By A-Reece


[Verse1] A-Reece
Fede why o saya sgela?I see that you online and esale 10
But that ain’t why I really called,I didn’t mean to bother,mare nna ke tlala ka wena
I couldn’t hold it in,ke khale re chatta
Going back and forth about how breaking love
And how we never saw each other as friends
Bafethu baka bare you just pretending,haba di bale so don’t worry about it,I ended up telling them that you just ain’t ready, ao nchaele osa blama Pearly,ke shapile dry o nose teng

But anyway we need to talk about this
coz anyway I think you really ’bout it
Airtime ya fela hake batle nkhate
But just know I can’t wait to feel your body

Hook Amanda Black
I really want to say I want you too,but I cant tell the truth it will be too easy,if you really want me you gotta know my love ain’t mahala Sebenza Sebenza Sebenza ,my love ain’t mahala Sebenza Sebenza Sebenza ,my love ain’t mahala babe

[Verse 2] A-Reece

why o arabe phone?You know that I call you alone. I even know your ringtone and I know oyi one at home,mamazala o chaisa ka bo 7,and am sure msizo otswile ho jola till bo ma 11,Invite me over ke zokale ke goetse monate esale nou before eba 10,let’s play some music and close all the curtains beat beat you until you swerve
out your back and bring it out in reverse

(Pre-Hook) A-Reece

Hook Amanda black


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