[Lyrics] Jimmy Nevis- Balloon Lyrics ft Ft. Kwesta


Jimmy Nevis Balloon Lyrics ft  Ft. Kwesta

Lyrics – Ballon by Jimmy Nevis ft Kwesta

[Verse 1:]
Where are we going?
Heaven alone only knows
Which way the wind is blowing
And if we’ll ever make it home

Are we lost, or chasing rainbows
Or is their more to what meets the eye
In the air, pretending to be angels
Make-believing we can fly

Like this red balloon
Under the sky, across the moon
Stay away from roses,
Cause they can only hurt you

(Say you love, say that you love) [x6]

[Verse 2 – Kwesta:]
Roses I’m feeling the love
U noticed I’m feeling the trust
But is it enough, cause I say I love you
But your eyes tell me you still miss being inlove
I need you to see what you needed to see
Neva needed to flee, all you need was me
You are the star of the show, is there a scene for me?
Put my heart in this song, are you feeling the beat
Coz that’s all that I own, I wish to God I had more but I don’t
Even though my neck is covered in gold girl
If u ain’t mine then know my heart is broke
See I just wanna touch you, I know you are shy
There isn’t much to it girl, we just gotta try
See you are my light, and you are my fire
I hope it neva dies, and we make to the sky,fly

Say you love me,say that you love me [x4]

Jimmy Nevis Balloon Lyrics ft  Ft. Kwesta


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