[Lyrics] Amu – It’s over (The Rap, Life and Drama) Lyrics


It’s over (The Rap, Life and Drama) Lyrics by Amu

Can’t believe in love
How it’s over now, gotta say goodbye

I never thought I’d fall for any industry love
I got the hugs and the kisses at the end I got the shove
I saw it coming but something in my ass smelt funny
You the best I had mtana’se khaya no frontin
Good looks to kill for, friendship to live for
The good thing is you gave me that but I wanted more
A diamond ring on your finger was the road I was taking
A friend, A wife, A mother was mine for the making
Together in joy and pain and so we were bothered
Ng’yenze ama flop ka baya but love the way you responded
But all was not good in paradise I believe it cause beyond all that nice shit, the
devil was deceiving me
Stepping round the industry, even with my MD
How sick is that, she was tryna get the best of me
Took me for my money, cashed the little that I ever had
Left me for a CEO, Ne sho grand
Now I’m sitting here, thinking hao lo mtwana lo ungthole njani like Hip Hop Pantsula
was asking
What the fuck? Kwenzenjani
He was crushed, more irritated than aa itch
I fell in love with a Ho, an industry bitch


[Can’t believe in love],I can’t believe in love no more, I can’t believe in it
[how it’s over now], how it’s over now
[I gotta say goodbye], I gotta say goodbye to my backstabbers
[tomorrow], and I’ll see you tomorrow
I can’t believe that we were cool back then

I’ve always been the type of kid who set trends
Yes the lovable guy, I’ve always had friends
From Cape Town to Joburg
The rapper for your cookie jar, the one kid
that everybody thought would go far
With the tight rhymes and then for some time the look to go with that, I was
destined for the stars, ain’t nothing stopping it
Then came the mad rappers, mad cause I made the cheddar
Claiming if they got the chance they would make it better
Sa ba thatha, sa ba nik’imic, manje se ba lahl’isite
Jika khomba mina mara ungang’thathi lite
The underground used to show me love, now they kick me to the curb
Kwaito took me in and gave me nothing but love
equals trust, more wicked than cricket pictures
I fell in love with a bunch of Ho’s, jealousy bitches


Don’t ever do that to me Ma,Don’t ever do that to me Ma
Don’t ever do that to me Ma, Don’t ever do that to me Ma

The moral of the story is: not everything you see is meant to be
Like positive energy, trust only God in you
That’s what’s gotten you through the bullshit
It’s the truth, what you gonna do?
I had a moment to myself to figure out what makes man flip, make us wanna do shit,
and my conclusion was
Man, damn we need to chill out
Drink a couple of beers and pass out
Nah I’m just fucking with your mind, never mind if you missed the moral of the track
just press rewind


Don’t ever do that to me Ma, Don’t ever do that to me Ma
Don’t ever do that to me Ma, Don’t ever do that to me Ma

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