[Lyrics] AKA – One Time Lyrics


Lyrics to One Time By AKA

Heh heh Say make money, money Make money money money eh
I say take money money Take money money money eh
Hey I Say make money money Make money money money eh
Heh I say take money money Take money money money eh

Baby don’t waste no time Money stay on your mind
Nobody gone kill your vibe Go and live your life I am feeling like wooh Alright
Cause I ain’t leaving on my own tonight

Hey, one time for the gold diggers One time for the blessers
One time for the old niggers

Spend the bank broke when you need a little extra

I spare a bill for my broke niggers
They be feeling that pressure

It’s going down in the VIP right now
He is just gonna leave tight now
Can you take it with me yeah Too busy running the street yeah, yeah Oooh you should be living with me
What I gotta do for a queen like Sophie Ndaba

Put you in a first class seat need calling Yaba
Sey she got a big ass let her hold some dollars

Chilly like Quikson make you wanna
Take this back home Siri Lanka, Shake Fatoni, refresh the bottle Rain Makoli,
God bless the models
Came back on that trip from Lagos
With name brands like feragamu
You battle so broke Try to keep it on a low

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