The Odds of winning lottery in South Africa (Phanda Pusha Play)


Your chance of winning the Lotto jackpot is 1 in 13,983,816. This means that you have to buy 13,983,816 tickets to be sure that you will win this prize – that’s at a cost to you of R48,943,356.

Even though your investment will also win you a range of smaller prizes, you should take into account that you may not even win a full R20 million, as the jackpot may be shared by multiple winners.

In regard to the Powerball see below:

Division Prize Tier Odds
Jackpot Match five main balls and Powerball 1 : 24,435,180
2 Match five main balls 1 : 1,286,062
3 Match four main balls and Powerball 1 : 122,176
4 Match four main balls 1 : 6,430
5 Match three main balls and Powerball 1 : 3,133
6 Match three main balls 1 : 165
7 Match two main balls and Powerball 1 : 247
8 Match one main ball and Powerball 1 : 53
9 Match Powerball 1 in 37



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