Kanye West Album downloaded +500K times illegally: “You can only get it on Tidal”

Kanye West's Album Cover: Life of Pablo

Kanye released his album on the 14th of February through the music streaming service Tidal and his personal website.

and so did Beyonce and Rihanna. Tidal is owned by rapper and Beyonce’s husband – Jay Z. Kanye west claimed to have been in $53M personal debt, and unfortunately he won’t be making any profit from those illegal downloads.

Kanye took to twitter, and announced that his album will only be available Tidal and his personal website and made it clear that it will never be available on itunes.

“My album will never, never, never be on Apple. And it will
never be for sale. You can only
get it on Tidal,”

Hade Kanye!


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